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Is the Son Created?


Hebrews 1 & 2


God Sent

Stone Him

All Eternity

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The Father's Struggle

​​The Creation

The Counsel of Peace

Godhead - Word Study

Elohim -- Word Study


Echad -- Word Study

Tract   Further work being done

Conflict of Two Heavenly Sons


Heavenly Rebellion
Chapter 4 from book
The Very Long Story

Silence is Golden

Pioneers on the Spirit

The Concept

John's Epistle

Third Person

A Double Work

​* Who is the Spirit - Hebrew?

Who is the Spirit - Greek?

Who is the H.Ghost - Greek?

Booklet Word Study

The Begotten Son    
'Give Him Glory' magazine

Truly this is the Son of God

Immanuel -- God with Us
Book - Chapter by Chapter - 1-14

* The Trinity Confusion

Book - Section by Section

* Light begins to Shine

An experience​​

* Who Says God has No Son?


* Counterfeits


The Source by Alex Ortega

Chapter 5.

* Oh My Father


*The Line of Truth -

A Solid Platform


God's Light

Chapter 9 of book 

Removing the Pillar

The Source by Alex Ortega

Chapter 10.

Critique on 'The Trinity'

Section - The Holy Spirit

Authoritative or Pastoral?

His Own Representative


Calling card

Business card available to hand out

An Appeal to Pious Trinitarians

Letter from non-Adventist 

Henry Grew

* It is So Simple

​* Non-Trinitarians of the Past

Titles with * do not follow on from each study.  You must go back to the contents and go from there. Books with more than one chapter do follow on page by page.  At present I am listing all chapters within the book itself for easier reference.  

* John's Message -- Christ in      You

Give Him Glory - February 2017

​* The Real Presence

Article Alonzo T Jones

Only the Father Knows

Short article

* Satan Knew

* Subordination

* Studying John 14,15,16,17

* Trinity in Evangelism

* Genesis 1:1 - Targums

Plus Jewish Chronology & fulfilment

* Good Counsel

​*Daniel & Revelation Changes

Uriah Smith

* Proof-Text Method

*  An Inadequate Jesus

​* Minneapolis - 1888

Psalm 2 Confirmed

Source Book - Contents

   Source Book 1

   Source Book 2

   Source Book 3

​   Source Book 4

* Who do you Worship?

Two short articles - God's of nations and Ecclesiastical history in brief.  Picture B.J.Wilkinson and statement.

* 1 John 5:7

​* Matthew 28:19

​* Changes to Spirit of Prophecy

* The Triquetra

* Ancient Trinity gods

* Our Wonderful Father

​* Questions and Answers

* I Found the Truth

* Divine Spirit - Human Spirit

Edward I Edstrom 

* Changing Doctrine

* Narration address:

   Patriarchs and Prophets

   Chapter 1 -- The Fall of Lucifer

   Golden Eagle Films

Begotten -- Word Study


   The Divine Record

​   Pocketsize booklet

   NOW  by Merikay McLeod

  This little book is not on the subject of the Father and Son, ​but it is so timely in the days in which we live just before Christ returns.  It is an old book many will remember, but the younger generation would not have seen it.


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Some pages deal with similar subjects and may appear the same, however, there are always extra Bible quotes or Spirit of Prophecy references, together with a different slant.  You may prefer one to another, especially if you wish to share with others.   


What does the prophet say?

Does she mean what she says?

Am I willing to listen to her?

Am I willing to be wrong?

Will I accept what she says even if it means accepting something I do not want to accept?

These are important questions we all must ask ourselves.

Who is God?

What is the Light?

The Counsel of Peace

The Father and Son