The next day I received another email, and this one was a real blessing.

These letters show a progression of understanding and they are such a blessing to me.   Not only because this is my friend, but because it helps us realise that not everyone learns everything at the same time.

And we must let God do His work through His Spirit to enlighten the mind with His truth.

If you are sharing truth with men and women, do not be discouraged. Make sure you don't overfeed, but give 'bite-size' morsels of truths, to quote a Trinitarian with whom a friend is working.

Yes, it is hard to wait until they 'see the light', but when that time comes, we can rejoice that our prayers and witness, as well as the fruit of the Spirit of patience, have borne fruit.

May there be much fruit-bearing for you.

God bless. 

​                       Margaretha

Dear Margaretha

I just finished reading your latest work "Give Him Glory" and your points were strong, pointed and well argued. I very much agree with you on the Son-ship of Christ, although at this point in time God has not put it on my heart to make it a point of discussion or controversy in my particular work. If He ever does call upon me to do so I expect the same treatment that your friend has experienced. God help me to do what work I can while I can! I am proud of you that you don't flinch under the pressure from others and yet have tact enough to present the subject with courage and love.

It is a HARD topic, VERY hard! That God would have a SON and then GIVE Him to this unthankful, horrible world is a mystery that hurts my mind and humbles me in the dust. How GREAT is our Father and how UNWORTHY are we!!!!! I still FIRMLY believe that the Holy Spirit is the THIRD person of the Godhead and in that we differ, but I must say that after reading "Give Him Glory" I began to see more fully the MAGNITUDE of the love the Father has for us and the point you tried so hard to share with me the last time you were here. I DO see what you were saying now about the love of God and how it is revealed more clearly to our dim minds when we understand that Christ is the only begotten Son of God GIVEN to US!!! HOW CAN THAT BE??? WHO IS THIS AMAZING GOD WE SERVE???!!!!! 

My brain hurts just trying to grasp it!!!


The following day I received another email.

Light begins to Shine

​The experience began in 2013.   I knew my friend was a Trinitarian and I wanted to introduce the subject of God and His Son to her. How to do it?    

One day I said, 'Have you studied about the Father and His Son?'   Her words were, 'Ooooooooooh, I don't think I want to go there.'   I replied, 'It is a wonderful study', and she responded, 'It might be good for you, but I'll leave it thank you.'   I said no more.

In 2015 I was writing my book 'The Very Long Story' for my grand daughter and mentioned it to my friend.  She asked, 'What is it about?' I said, 'I will send you the first chapter.'   I sent the chapter by the internet and at the same time sent Pastor Stephen Bohr's talk 'Risk of Eternal Loss' by mail.

When she received the DVD she began watching it, but something went wrong and she could not go very far.  'It looks really interesting about the love of God.  I want to watch the rest of it.'   I said I would send it by the internet.

In the meantime my friend read the first chapter of 'The Very Long Story' and responded with enthusiasm.   'This needs to go to the Review and Herald or the Pacific Press.  We need books like this for children.'     I smiled and said, 'I don't think they would want it.   The subject is something the church does not agree with.'    We said no more.

After watching Stephen Bohr, she said to me, 'Ooooh, now I know what your book is about.   I believe it.   I believe Jesus is the Son of God.'   This was wonderful to hear.

At another time we spoke about the subject and she wanted to know why it was so important I needed to share it with her and others.  In our discussion, the Holy Spirit came up.   After we had finished she said, 'I believe God had a Son, but I don't believe what you say about the Holy Spirit.'   I gave her my little book 'The Light of God' and suggested she read it and think about what it said.

In the morning she stated, 'I read the little book and I am convinced that Jesus is the one who indwells us.'   This was good, but I could see she did not fully understand.  

After my grand daughter's book was finished, I gave it to her to read. She was still enthusiastic about God having a Son, but said to me, 'I am still a Trinitarian, although I believe God had a Son.   But I loved your book.'

On another occasion we discussed the reason it is important.  I told her it shows the love of God.  'If there are three God-beings in heaven and they had to decided which one would be the Son, where is the love of God in giving His beloved Son?'

We said no more until 2016 when I sent her my magazine 'Give Him Glory' with the article, 'The Begotten Son'.   This was her response.

Dear Margaretha

I don't have time to type right now but I want you to know that your work that you just sent "Give glory to Him" has opened my mind in a NEW and VERY real way to the MAGNITUDE of the LOVE OF THE FATHER for US!!! I see more clearly what you were trying to tell me!!! WOW!!! I can't type now but I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! I thought I understood this subject but now, like everything else, I see just how LITTLE I see!!!!


Oh WOW Margaretha!!!

Now I SEE what Ellen White was trying to say in Desire of Ages chapter one in a WHOLE NEW LIGHT!!!!!!!

O WOW!!!!! God the Father BEGAT A SON in ages past that was a PERFECT replication of His OWN nature in ALL of HIS DIVINE attributes.   GOD BEGAT GOD and they were ONE in ALL THINGS!

But then GOD GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON to be BEGOTTEN AGAIN, but this time in a humanity that was NOT a perfect replication of HIS own attributes, a nature that even before the fall was NOT AND COULD NOT BE Divine because humanity, even in its uncalled state does not possess DIVINE CREATIVE ATTRIBUTES.



Yes, feel free to share my response to this BEAUTIFUL, eye-opening revelation of God's great love in giving us His Son! Thank you for not sharing my name, not that I am in any way a coward or ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, but simply that after praying about it I know that God would not want me to be involved in yet another controversy that may prevent people from responding to the work He is presently doing through our little ministry.

There may come a day when He asks me to publicly address this doctrine and if/when that day comes I will be pleased and proud to do so, but until then I do not want to cut short what He is doing and needlessly antagonize conflict when there are so many other conflicts I already deal with on a daily basis.  I know that you already understand this and thank you for asking for my permission to share the letters that I wrote to you.

YES!   God so loved the world that He gave His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON and it is a TRUTH and DOCTRINE that must be presented in it's fullness so that we can begin to grasp the sacrifice of God for us!!

I would be very surprised if God does not ask me to share this AMAZING truth more deeply at sometime in the future.... but now is not that time. And then of course we still have this difference in belief on the subject of the Trinity that you address extensively on your new website. I still believe in a Three Person Godhead. We all live and learn and I never want to believe anything other than the TRUTH!   Whatever that may be!   I trust that God who is the Author and Finisher of our faith will continue to lead me into all truth until the last day dawns!