48.    God's Son the only Mediator

49.    God's Son the only Intercessor

50.    God's Son the only Advocate

51.    God's Son the only Communicator

52.    God gives Promise to Send His Son

54.    Son gives Sacrificial System to Man

55.    Patriarchs knew the Son

56.    Son Fulfills the Covenant with His Father

57.    God's Son takes on Humanity

58.    God's Son on Earth

59.    God's Son is Baptised

60.    God's Son is Tempted by the Devil

61.    God's Son Agonises in Gethsemane

62.    Testimony of the Father

63.    God's Son Faces an Illegal Trial

64.    God's Son is Condemned for Claiming to be God's Son

65.    God's Son is Crucified

66.    God's Son Dies

67.    The Father Suffered with His Son

68.    Angels in Heaven Suffered

69.    God's Son Fulfils the Covenant He made with His Father

70.    Reaction at the Cross

71.    Satan's Character Revealed

72.    The Father Bows His head Satisfied

73.    Heaven Rejoices in the Son's Victory

74.    The Son of God's Rests in the Tomb

75.    The Resurrection of God's Son

76.    God's Son Ascends to Heaven

77.    Father and Son Reunited

78.    God's Son is Give His Rightful Place

79.    Heaven with the Father and His Son

80.    God's Son return to this Earth in Glory

Source Book 4

1.    A Word from the Prophet

2.    Let the Pioneers Speak

3.    The God of the Universe

4.    God Dwells in Light

5.    The Omnipresence of God

6.    The One God is the Father

7.    God the Father has a Son

8.    Christ is the Son of God

9.    Christ is the Son of the Father

10.  God's Son is Begotten of His Father

11.  The Son is given Equality

12.  God the Father gave His Son

13.  Christ is Begotten in Eternity

14.  God's Son Inherited His Father's Nature

15.  The Father owns the Universe

16.  God's Son is given Authority

17.  God is the Father and God of Christ

18.  God's Son sits on His Father's Throne

19.  Oneness of Father and Son

20.  Son is Mediator of the Universe

21.   Son alone can Enter Councils of Father

22.  Son is Subject to His Father

23.  Son is the Prince of Heaven

24.    Father's Life flows through His Son

25.    Father and Son make a Covenant

26.    Father gives His Greatest Gift

27.    Father and Son Create the Universe

28.    The Son upholds all Things

29.    Lucifer, a Created Angel

30.    Plans of the Father and Son

31.    Lucifer's Rebellion

32.    Father meets with all the Angels

33.    Lucifer's Rebellion Continues

34.    The Father's Decision

35.    War in Heaven

36.    Lucifer Cast out of Heaven

37.    Creation of Earth and Mankind

38.    Father and Son Rest

39.    Adam and Eve in the Garden

40.    Satan Plans to Seduce Adam and Eve

41.    Adam and Eve Warned

42.    Eve Falls for Satan's Trap

43.    Son Pleads with His Father

44.    Father took an Eternal Risk

45.   Adam and Eve told of the Plan

46.    Satan Rejoiced in Evil

47.    Other Worlds support the Father

Contents - Source Book

81.    The Doctrine of Christ

82.    The Belief of Antichrist

83.    To Deny Christ is Spiritualism

84.    Satan is Obscuring Truth

85.    Father and Son Love Soul-savers

86.    Christians are the Representatives of the Father and Son

87.    The Holy Spirit is a Mystery

88.    Holy Spirit is a Person

89.    The Spirit of Truth

90.    Holy Spirit is the Father in Spirit

91.    Holy Spirit is Christ in Spirit

92.    Christ is the Comforter

93.    Christ is the Believer

94.    The Breath of Christ

95.    Christ's Twofold Word

96.    The Omnipresent Christ

97.    Christ's Representative in the Spirit

98.    Exaltation of the Spirit

99.    The Heavenly Family

100.  The Atonement